Open Symphony

Open Symphony is a Z.R.E.O. first. Open Symphony is a full-fledged symphonic work for full orchestra with music that spans the entire Zelda collective works. Why "OPEN" Symphony? "Open" is an allusion to the Open Source software movement. In general, open source refers to any program whose source code is made available for use or modification as users or other developers see fit [1]. Like Open Source, we are releasing not only the final product (the songs), but were also releasing the source code to them (the sheet music). The sheet music is free to download, and features the full score, and individual's parts. You are free to download and use as you like! If you plan to perform this work or any part of it, we request permission, mainly just to let us know that our work is being appreciated.

We are releasing the Symphony as sections, or Movements. New sections will be released in order at the end of each month until the symphony is complete. Stay tuned and enjoy!

Full Collection ZIP 7.5MB 15.0MB
I. Overture 2:35 MP3 3.0MB 6.1MB
II. Memories of Kakariko 3:54 MP3 4.6MB 9.2MB
Cover Art JPG 258KB


Track 1. Overture

Track 2. Memories of Kakariko